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Healing By The Holy Communion – FREE


This free manual is a complete guide to heal the physical body by faith as per God’s promise revealing one of the key secrets hidden in the bible.

The teaching, HEALING BY THE HOLY COMMUNION is available for FREE. Get your copy now!


The Bible speaks about the secrets and the mysteries of God. There are many and one of the key secrets & mysteries is the healing by faith of your physical body. How? By faith. This is one area where the Church has fallen short in teaching that by faith your physical body is healed and appropriated just like you obtain salvation. Every believer, once they are saved should go through a session of healing & deliverance in order to be set free to run their race. The limitation on you running your race and finishing strong maybe your mortal body, so you have to ensure that you stay in shape, eat correctly to reach the age of slowing down which in my opinion is eighty-five. And one of the ways you can do that is by taking the communion to heal your body on a daily basis!


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